What if??

With the end of 2018 approaching, its time to reflect back on what we’ve accomplished.  Was it a good year?  Great! Celebrate those accomplishments! Could it have been better?  Are there things you can control to make it better?

If it wasn’t the best.year.ever. no worries!  2019 is right around the corner and its a great time to start fresh and figure out what you can do to make it the best.year.ever

Accomplishments & Goals at the Gym

If getting control of your health/fitness is on your 2019 agenda, Go YOU!! You are not alone.  There are a million steps you can take to start on the journey.  Remember its a JOURNEY, not a quick fix.  There is no miracle shake, detox or fast that will lead to long term health.  Small changes to improve your diet and more movement are the keys.  Boring, but simple and effective.

Unfortunately, we don’t find it that simple or obesity wouldn’t be the epidemic that it is.  We are bombarded with too many options: at the store – low fat, gluten free, sugar free, low carb… and at home: netflix, hulu, playstation, xbox… that encourage unhealthy behaviors.  Many of us will commit to a new diet or a new gym come January 1st expecting maximum results with little effort. 

Spoiler Alert!! 67% of gym members never actually visit their gym, according to USA Today; and 80% of us will fail our New Year’s resolutions by February, according to US News and World Report.  

WHAT IF I fail?  But WHAT IF I don’t?

WHAT IF we didn’t make a Resolution on New Years?  What if we just took a moment NOW and listed out what we really want from our bodies?  What if we made a simple plan to work on those goals daily, weekly, monthly…

WHAT IF we don’t stick to the plan and fail?  There’s no win/lose on goals. Recommit, readjust and refocus.  Success is not a linear process. There are highs and lows. We want more highs so that overall we’re always climbing, always progressing, overall succeeding!

WHAT IF we celebrated the little accomplishments, whether working out, eating more vegetables, drinking more water?  It just might lead to more!

WHAT IF we encouraged those around us that are making small accomplishments as well?  It just might to lead to more for them and you!

WHAT IF we stop talking and START DOING.  Right now, commit to one thing you will do TODAY, to get you towards your goals. 

Remember KISS – Keep it Simple Silly :).

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