Weight Watching?

Body weight is usually at the forefront when people are assessing fitness, health, mood… It’s always there whether you chose to focus on it or not.  According to the CDC, over 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese. With the extra weight comes higher rates of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis… the list goes on and on. This isn’t new. The US has been dealing with this issue for the last 3 decades (blaming fat, carbs, inactivity…) but the numbers keep rising. Doctors simply say eat better, exercise more. Simple enough. But why is it so hard for so many?  Maybe we need prescriptions for nutritionists and personal trainers.  Maybe we need to do away with the scale that causes so many ups and downs and focus instead on Gaining physical strengths vs Losing weight. If we focused on GAINING nutritious foods in our diet and on GAINING strength, mobility, endurance and flexibility in our body, the weight wouldn’t be an issue in the long term. And think how much better those strong moving bodies will feel.

I am surrounded by a lot of fitness minded people. People that exercise 5+ times a week and still I hear comments about weight and the scale. They are strong and fit and can still get hung up on a number.  Maybe they are longing for a number they were 20 years ago or 1 year ago or a number they’ve never been but have always thought would be “perfect” for them. The GOAL needs to change. Whether it’s incorporating healthier foods, drinking more water, lifting more weights, walking more or simply stressing less over the little things, the goal should be to get healthier and stronger every year.

If you have a healthy relationship with the scale, checking in weekly or monthly, then go for it. But if you are constantly weighing yourself and your mood changes based on the number, it’s time to put it away. Focus instead on those healthy goals you’ve set for yourself. And be proud when you accomplish them and remember to set new ones!  No reason to wait for New Years, get resolving now.

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