A few unsolicited reviews from those that have tried a class or personal training with CoreFIT:She is a wonderful trainer and pushes you and truly cares about you.  Very genuine.  Cory is the absolute best. I have always been active… but the past two months have changed me because she is so very talented! I have a y membership and a planet fitness membership, and I still choose to drive 25 minutes to her classes! Second to none! ~Nikki C.

Great workout with fun people, wonderful music and a terrific trainer.  ~Tiffany C.

Really great workout!  Loved the variety and intensity. Cory is amazing-funny, encouraging and helps with proper form.  Such GOOD music too!!  ~ Angie W.

Cory is an amazing instructor! She always has new workouts that are challenging, yet fun! She shows you ways to individually modify and encourages you to go at your own pace! I always know I’m going to get an awesome workout when I go to one of her classes! ~Melanie S.
Cory is amazing! Her workouts incorporate the perfect mix of strength, core, and cardio! I leave feeling strong and energized. My joints feel better and hope to see her schedule growing!  ~Tiffany D.
Cory is the most inspiring trainer I’ve met. She’s innovative and keeps every workout fresh, fun, and challenging. ~Kelly P.


Cory is doing what she loves and it shows! She is professional, kind, focused and always has the best interest of her clients in mind. She meets you where you are and drives you forward in a supportive and nonthreatening way. Whether you are considering a life change or just want to increase the effectiveness of your workouts, look no further.
Cory is the best! ~April V.
Love Cory’s classes! I cannot say enough about her (she will be your biggest cheerleader) or her classes. She keeps them interesting by constantly switching up the workouts. Tell her what your goals are and I promise that she will help you reach them. ~ Jen B.


I love Cory’s workouts!!! Good, bad, or ugly, I’m always happy I came. ~ Melissa G.
Best workout with an excellent trainer! ~Angie M.