I just spent 4 days at the IDEA Personal Training Conference in Virginia and I am completely overwhelmed (in a good way) of all I learned in the 10 sessions I attended.  I learned about Hidden Secrets to Core Performance, Marketing, Fueling for Fitness, Athletic Circuits, Coaching Greatness to name a few. Although it was a wide spectrum of topics and formats (some lecture, some heart pounding sweat fests), there was one general theme I took away from the hours and hours of information…. MOVE WELL.

Move Well. Its so simple but so often overlooked. Even by me. We need to get back to basics and SLOW it down.  If we can’t squat with proper form, why are we adding weight or jumping? If we can’t hold a solid plank, why are we adding time or movements to it?  QUALITY over quantity.

Move Well. If running is painful why are we still running?  Maybe its time to look at other options vs “pushing through the pain”.  Try walking, hiking, biking, yoga, pilates and if you really miss that running, start back SLOW.

Move Well. Listen to your body. If you try a heavy lift three times and can’t lift it well, maybe today is not the day for that lift. Instead of thinking about short term success, think long term health and fitness. Will lifting that weight make a difference 5 years from now?  Possibly if you are a true competitive lifter. But for the average Joes, is it worth the possible injury?

Move Well. We get 1 body to play with. Don’t we want to play for the long haul? It’s time to shift our focus to functional fitness that keeps us moving well till we’re old and gray.

Move Well. Same goal works for our personal and professional lives. Make GOOD choices that have the long term effects you want. Get over instant gratification and look at the big picture.

Move Well. Then Move Well Often. 🙂

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