We all know that our kids need to be physically active – 60 minutes a day according to guidelines. Childhood obesity has become a real concern along with inactivity due to device overuse.  Activity is easy for some kids, the athletic ones that love to play sports year round. For others, it’s more difficult and you can’t force them to do something they aren’t excited about.  So how do we get both ends of the spectrum involved in fitness during the summer months?  KidsFIT class!  Besides the physical benefits, kids increase their brain activity while working out, having fun and socializing with friends. It’s time to teach kids the importance of daily movement while having fun and not always involving a tense sports competition.

KidsFIT classes run Thursdays in July 10:15-11:00 am.  Feel free to participate with your kid, or use the time to yourself :). Kids ages 6 and up are welcome.

If interested, please provide your child’s name and age to


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