Hocus Pocus Time to FOCUS!

One of my son’s teachers used to say “Hocus Pocus, Time to Focus” when she needed the class to settle down. I don’t remember which son or teacher but I do remember that it worked.

It’s been a long or short summer however you want to look at it.  Long if your kids are Fortniters, short if you’ve been enjoying vacations.  Summer brings longer days, more social gatherings, more food, more drink, more of just about everything.  Except time to focus on yourself and your goals.

I just finished up a busy couple of weeks with a fun trip to NYC and then some quiet (first time) camping with the family. My normal routines were altered.  I ate fantastic food (prob too much in NYC) and then simple, convenience food while camping (I even had McDonald’s for breakfast once and I’ll admit I didn’t hate it).  But flexibility allowed me to enjoy my time with friends and family and now that I’m back home, I can get back to my comfortable routines (just made my veggie omelette for lunch since I’ve missed it so).  I’ll be back to the gym tomorrow hopefully refreshed with new ideas for the group. And I’ll get back to a somewhat consistent running program to prepare for a 1/2 marathon in the fall.

Seasons come and go and with it our structure and daily routines.  Now that summer is winding down with kids going back to school, it’s time to focus on what WE want to accomplish.

Hocus Pocus, Time to FOCUS.  It’s not magical. It’s setting a goal. It’s developing a plan.  It’s setting a schedule to work on that plan to accomplish that goal.

Keep it simple. Need help?  That’s what I am here for!  I have developed virtual workout plans, running plans, 1-1 training plans, speed and agility plans, nutrition plans…there really is no limit to what can be planned.

For all the teachers, parents or just busy people that are about to enter the fall crazy mode and can’t make it to group classes, I’m offering small group training (2-3 max) that will work in your schedule with your goals.  Keep an eye out on facebook for details and possible evening classes.  Once I get my FOCUS, I’ll get my plan and let you know, haha!



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