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A few months back I decided I needed a new name for my fitness hobby/venture.  After a week of LOTS of input from friends and family, I finally settled on COREFIT.

Why COREFIT?  It started out as a play on my name CORY.  But then I thought more about it and realized CORE has so many meanings:

  • the central or most important part of something
  • heart of the matter
  • a basic, essential or enduring part
  • the body’s center of power
  • the muscles that provide a strong base of stability

After I settled on the name, COREFIT, I picked a tagline…find your FIT. or find YOUR fit. or FIND your fit.  Either way you say it, there’s a lot of meaning to it as well.

Maybe you’re unsure of yourself, unsure of working out, unsure of working out with others. Does that mean you can’t get FIT?  You just need to find YOUR way.  I personally love group classes. That wasn’t always the case. In 4 years of college I always WANTED to try a class at the rec center, but never did. It took having a baby and joining the Y till I finally got the courage to go to a class. I didn’t know anyone and I always stayed in the back. But I secretly loved it. I loved  having a schedule and someone else plan, encourage and sweat alongside me.  Now I love leading classes and seeing the group bonding week by week on their accomplishments and goals (and complaints;). Someone asked recently why I only charge $5 a class.  Because I don’t want $ to prevent you from working out and I want you to come because you WANT to, not because you’ve already paid a monthly fee and feel like you have to.

But maybe group classes are not for YOU. That’s OK.  Maybe you like to work out at home or prefer privacy. Maybe you have young kids at home and getting out of the house is a workout in itself. Maybe you just need guidance on what to do. Accountability is key and sometimes just knowing someone has planned your workouts and is checking in on you is enough to keep you motivated. I have several clients that I make up weekly “do on your own” workout plans. They get a plan for the week based on their goals and they have the flexibility to do the workouts as they have time. Have a favorite spin class at your gym? I’ll include it. Like to run, but want to pick up your pace?  I’ll plan in some speed workouts. Want to simply be able to do a full pushup?  I can plan you some strength workouts that will get you there. Virtual personal training can be anything you want it to be. And it can be a cost effective way of getting personalized attention while working towards your goals.

YOU should be able to feel CONFIDENT and strong. It’s just a matter of finding the right path to get there and stay there. Please take the time to find something that works for you. You only get one body in this life, it’s time to treat it right.

find your FIT.


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  1. So proud of you and the work you’re doing. Your clients are fortunate to have such a caring, committed trainer. Your dedication is admirable.

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